Tree Trimming Considerations

Trimming trees is an essential part of tree care service. While many think that trimming trees can be an easy job, they have to know that they’re wrong. Trimming requires a set of unique techniques, tools, skills and knowledge, without which your trees may just end up being hurt. Tree trimming is necessary for a number of reasons. First, it provides a safer environment. Second, it makes the trees improve their health and their appearance as well. But as said before, there needs to be a perfect knowledge over this.

Tree trimming techniques and considerations are discussed below.


First step

Before you even start trimming, one needs to find out about the correct specifications of the particular tree they are working on. Once the genus is known, knowledge about the growth response and best time in the year of trimming needs to be considered.

Trimming must have a purpose. Main reasons for trimming are for retaining the aesthetic qualities of the tree, clearance of any kind of risks, improving development of flower and fruits, and removal of dead and decaying branches. If the tree is outgrown, and has large and dangerous branches hanging out that pose a risk to the bystanders, then trimming can be justified.

Best time for a trim

It is a known fact that trees trimmed or pruned through summer are considered to the best time of the year to do so. In summer, the growth of sucker and sprouts are limited and help tree to grow up to its full potential. But this definitely depends largely on the type of tree you are working on. Different trees have different sets of requirements for their care.

Perfect cut

Trimming requires special and sophisticated technical tools for the best outcome. And an improper cut can leave your tree harmed. Cut in a careless manner can increase chances of open wounds that may get infested by pests and hence make the healing process more difficult.

Trees have specific areas called “collars”. Cutting a branch as close as possible to the collar can avoid the infestation of pests on the wounds. Leaving the branches too long or too short can harm the tree by opening up an entry point for the insects to settle on the wounds.

Cutting major and live branches can cause serious damage to the trees by deteriorating its health. This may be caused due to the absence food producing leaves. Hence, branches that appear live and possess a lot of trees should not be cut down to maintain the integrity of the tree’s life.


Before trimming trees on your own, it would be a good idea to refer to certified arborists who have immense knowledge on how to take care of trees. For Tree Trimming Las Vegas, Contact Las Vegas Tree Trimmers.

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