Do not tire from planting trees; they are more beneficial than you think.

“How would the world without trees be?” Maybe it would be a hideous scene to look. Yeah, sure it would be ugly, but more to this is the deprivation of very many other benefits we even do not recognize and take them for granted. Trees which are well taken care of are a real blessing in an environment.

Key benefits of trees

Social benefits

Trees enhance our lives by improving the way we interact with nature. A place with green trees has been known to cause a relaxing effect in a human body. The feeling greatly reduces fatigue and stress levels.

Medicinal value

Trees and herbs are a great source of medicine. Most of the tablets and syrups used in hospitals to treat different types of ailments are tree products. On top of these, herbal doctors also use tree products directly with minimal processing to deal with various diseases.

Air purification

Plants and animals, human beings included do support each other for a better living. Most of the waste matters from animals when they get to the soil add rich nutrient for the plants. In return, trees take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and thus naturally purify our environment.

Communal benefits

Planting a tree and giving it right care is beneficial even to the entire community. It offers foods to birds as well as shelter to some wild creatures which would be a nuisance if they do not get a place to rest or hide. They also reduce glare as well as enhance the architecture of a site.

They improve climate

Trees attract rain which in turn waters the vegetation around and offers a better life to the entire environment. They also filter out dust particles and other harmful gases from the atmosphere. They also provide a cooling effect through perspiration.

They increase the value of your homestead

Home compounds with trees in it is valued 10% higher than a place where there are no trees in it

They provide food as well as income to the owner.

Trees can be sold in various forms like firewood, timber, logs or even poles. All these will derive income. On the other hand, fruit trees produce marketable products which are eaten as food by the owner or sold out to the community in exchange for money.

Only properly maintained trees will benefit you.

If you have trees in your compound which are not well taken care of; then you might be reaping more problems than benefits from your trees. They can be a source of health hazards as well as occupy your space uneconomically.